The Incidental Encyclical

incidental, adj. – from the Latin verb incidere: falling upon, happening to; in modern usage, the word implies something of minor or accidental origin or consequence; something that happens out of a greater thing as a matter of course

encyclical, n. –  from the Greek enkuklios: ‘circular, general’, from en- ‘in’ + kuklos ‘a circle’, the same root as our modern word encyclopaedia; in modern usage, the word describes a letter from a higher sacred authority intended to be circulated among a particular audience indefinitely

Together, these words describe our project – a circular dispatch for the world of incidents, from the world of incidents. None of our editorial team are ecclesiastical authorities, but belong to and work in the secular world. Nonetheless, the sacred world touches each of us, through the work of those whose administration of truth, beauty, and goodness into this secular order has incidentally, throughout the ages, caused the secular order to produce truth, beauty, and goodness – in often unknowing imitation of the higher spheres. Like stone temples built after the pattern of the sun and stars, we hope our labour likewise might uplift hearts and minds from earthly matter to eternal pattern.

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